Mish Mash waiting list

Welcome to the Mish Mash Waiting list!
Glad to hear you're interested in coming along to our friendly super fun live music classes!
ESSENTIAL... if you don't get a confirmation email immediately, it means the form hasn't worked...(tech issues happening at the mo) please text or call me on  07761100793  and I'll add you manually.  

Please fill in your details below

The check boxes with different days just give me an idea of which class you MIGHT be interested in, (you can book any class you like when booking opens)...  and I can also contact you mid term if a space happens to come up on a day you've specified.

The next booking email comes out 8am Saturday 23rd March  and again for the following term on 29th June.  If you know you want a space, be sure to book as soon as it comes out,  as places often go quite quickly.

If you don't want a space for this term, don't worry...  you'll automatically stay on the list, and will receive the booking emails for future terms until you unsubscribe, or until you join the classes. 

What communications will I receive from you by filling in this form?
I will only contact you by email or text,  to let you know when classes are opening to book, to offer you a chance to book a space in the classes, or if a space comes up midway through a term on one of the days you have told me you might want to come along.   I won't send you any emails on any other subject.

For more information about your privacy, please check out our Privacy Policy.

If you're at all confused, just email me on ruth@mishmashmusic.info :-)
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