Dreamydoodles Northwest Puppy Application

This application information is for our records only,  to help us make sure we match the right puppy with the right people. We're not looking for perfect people,  we're looking for special people who are honest, dedicated and loving who want to add a Dreamydoodle puppy into their life.

We actually want you to search around,  talk to other breeders and really make sure that we're the right fit for you. 

We want you to Do your Research and submit an application because you REALLY like OUR Puppies and OUR Breeding program the BEST! We're confident in our puppies and we want you to be too.  

Make sure you visit our Facebook page as well as our website! We post daily updates of our current puppies plus we post alot of family updates & pictures of our past puppies growing up! 

We don't demand anything except that you be willing to commit and have the patience and resources to raise one of our puppies into adulthood and also to KEEP them as your FOREVER companions and if not (for any reason) that you notify us FIRST so that we can either take them back or help you place them in another loving home.

Labradoodle PuppyHopefully, we've already spoken to you in regards to the puppies we currently have available or one of our upcoming litters.  If not then please text us first before filling out this application.  We don't always have available spots on our puppy lists.

If you submit this application before we talk that's OK too...  just make sure you text or call me soon after otherwise your application might get lost in the shuffle. 

Definitely do NOT put a puppy deposit down until we've talked/texted and I've given you the go-ahead.  Once I have both your puppy application and deposit and know which litter you're interested in then I can add your name to the correct puppy litter list and start the process of adoption.  Submiting an application alone does not get your name on one of our lists. 

Please Call or Text Barbara at 360-448-1477

If we've spoken and you're 100% ready to commit to one of our puppies,  please fill out the application below and follow up with the puppy deposit form. 

We look forward to matching you up with your Dream Puppy! 

Thank you!
Barbara Dearaujo

449 Windflower Dr. 
Woodland,  Wa,  98674
United States


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