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One More Generation (OMG) offers various educational outreach programs designed
to help audiences address a variety of issues ranging from conservation initiatives to
environmental programs.

We regularly speak to audiences of all sizes and will customize our program to match
your message and audience type. We are a nonprofit and therefore rely 100% on
donations and stipends offered for our speaking programs. We typically ask for a
minimum donation of $250.00 per day to cover our expenses and time for all local events plus all travel related expenses for requests outside of our regular (anything outside a four hour driving distance) travel area.

All collected fees/stipends are used to cover expenses and to allow us to bring our
educational programs to schools and other community organizations that may lack
financial support.

If you are interested in booking OMG for your next event, please fill out the form below
and we will respond to your request shortly.

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Enter the date for which you would like OMG to make an appearance, if you have more than one date available, make a note in the comments section
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Choose the topic you wish for One More Generation to discuss during our appearance
Enter the street address of the appearance location
Enter the organization or institution for which you are making an appearance request on behalf of. If you are not associated with a specific organization then you can leave this field blank
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