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Thanks for your interest in The Opportunities Project's FREE Summer 2012 eCourse- Avoid a Cruel Summer: 12 Ways to Up Your Game for 2013.

This is our second time offering the Avoid a Cruel Summer eCourse for free and version 2.0 is new and improved. It's stocked with video, audio and templates to help you realize an awesome end of 2012 and declare an even better 2013.

Once you enroll in the eCourse, you'll receive a new career tip in your inbox every 1-2 days. Each tip will offer specific actions for you to take as next steps so as you ease into fall, you'll find you're getting the results you want in your career instead of feeling like summer sent you off track.

While we are serious about making change, we are also very serious about maximizing summer and we want you to participate from your favorite mobile device while you're taking in the rays and waves. We've designed most of the lessons to take less than 30 minutes, though many may keep you thinking while you stretch out on your beach blanket. Every lesson is also accompanied by a song suggestion via our YouTube playlist (... from Tupac to Backstreet Boys to Goyte ... ) to inspire you to take action.

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